April is National Poetry Month!  With fun poetry-themed events and readings happening all over the country, it’s a great time to celebrate poetry and share it with those around us!

Why is Poetry Important?

Poetry can teach us about language, help us express complex emotions, understand rhythm, and learn more about each other. Poets all over the world use poems to connect our brains and our hearts — to pull out the emotions in an everyday experience or to help us see things we might have overlooked. From a seemingly simple free verse poem about plums to an epic story about a man’s journey home after the Trojan war, poems help us see things in new and interesting ways.

How to Celebrate Poetry Month

We’ve created a list of 10 fun things you can do this month (and any month!) to enjoy and celebrate poetry. Check out our list and then use our free printable poster to go out and have fun with poetry!

  1. Leave a copy of a poem in an unexpected place: try a message board, waiting room, restaurant table, or park bench
  2. Attend a poetry reading
  3. Visit a poetry landmark
  4. Memorize a poem
  5. Start a commonplace book
  6. Celebrate poem in your pocket day: carry a poem to share with friends
  7. Play the exquisite corpse game
  8. Put a poem on the pavement: use chalk and leave a poem on the sidewalk
  9. Host a poetry reading with your friends
  10. Listen to recordings of poems read by the poet

Click here to download and print your own copy of the Put This in Your Brain Poetry Month Printable!

Free Printable Poetry Month Poster - Put This in Your Brain

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If you’re looking for a fun way to write a poem of your own, check out our post on How to Write an Ekphrastic Poem. Also, if you write a poem, host a poetry gathering, or record yourself reading a poem, we’d love to share it! Send your poems, pictures, or audio recordings to us  and we’ll feature them on our website or social media pages!

Happy Poetry Month!

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