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Let’s Make Rainbow Striped Unicorn Cookies!

Baking cookies is fun, but did you know that it also uses math? The mathematics involved in baking often goes unnoticed, but it’s a great way to practice basic skills like ratios, fractions, measuring, and more! Our favorite rainbow striped cookies also give you a chance to use color mixing and art in your culinary creations. Use your math and art skills to make beautiful and delicious cookies! 🌈

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Explore the Free Museums in Austin!

Visiting museums is a great way to have fun and learn new things at the same time. As the capital of Texas, Austin is home to some fantastic museums — and many of them are free! We’ve created a fun printable checklist of Austin’s free museums to help you explore the city and decide which great museum to visit next.      Continue reading

10 Fun Ways to Celebrate Poetry Month!

April is National Poetry Month!  With fun poetry-themed events and readings happening all over the country, it’s a great time to celebrate poetry and share it with those around us!

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Celebrate Black History Month with Our Favorite Books for Kids

February is Black History Month! In order to celebrate, we’ve put together a list of some our favorite kids’ books that help to recognize the important role and achievements of African-Americans in American history.  Pick a few new favorites from the list and read along with us this month and all year long.

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Science Mill: Hands-on Science Fun in the Texas Hill Country

If you’re looking for a fun, educational way to spend an afternoon in the beautiful Texas Hill Country, then look no further than the Science Mill. Located in Johnson City, the Science Mill is just a short drive from both Austin and San Antonio making it the perfect spot for Central Texas families to enjoy an afternoon of interactive science fun.

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Celebrate Pride Month: 12 Awesome LGBTQ+ Books for Kids

June is LGBT Pride Month! In order to celebrate, we’ve put together a list of some our favorite kids’ books that are by, for, or about LGBTQ+ families. Pick a few new favorites from the list and read along with us this month as we celebrate love, diversity, and equal rights. Happy Pride 2017!

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Do Cashews Have Shells?

Did you know that you can’t buy cashews in the shell? They are always sold pre-shelled and for a good reason! Read on to find out why cashews are different from other culinary nuts and why it’s best not to handle them in their shells.

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Explore the National Parks for Free!

Are you looking for a fun family trip this summer? With the Every Kid in a Park Program, all 4th graders and their families get free entrance to national parks for a year! Enjoy a full year of visiting some of the most beautiful parks, lands, and waters in the United States.

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Do Chickens Eat Rocks?

Did you know that chickens eat rocks? They do! Read on to find out how eating small rocks is good for chickens and why grit is an important part of their diet.

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Let’s Write an Ekphrastic Poem!

Learn about ekphrastic poetry and use our free printable worksheet to write an ekphrastic poem of your own!

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